Anti-fraud and Supply-Demand Information

The Anti-Fraud Website is a comprehensive service platform that integrates fraud prevention inquiries, supply and demand information releases, and global news updates. It focuses on providing real-time fraud prevention guidance and economic exchange opportunities for overseas Chinese, aiming to enhance users' fraud prevention awareness and international perspective.





Supply, Demand, Scammer, and Message Data
Video Background for Robot Usage
  • Supply and Demand Information Posting

    The platform provides a convenient supply and demand information release system, allowing users to easily publish their supply or demand information.

  • Scammer Reporting and Inquiry

    To help users prevent fraud, we provide a scammer reporting and inquiry function. Each report you make may help others avoid becoming the next victim.

  • Integration with TG Bot

    To further enhance the user experience, we have developed a TG bot that allows users to interact with our bot through Telegram for inquiries or reporting potential scammers!

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Query Scammer Users

Simply enter one of the following commands in the chat box with the robot

  • /user + Telegram Username
  • /user iTools21
  • /user @iTools21
  • /user

Query Scammer Address

Simply enter the following command in the chat box with the robot

  • /address + USDT Address
  • /address TYaAwjec7dSHWP1hLrQAWttAqaEte6PSuE

Report Scammer Users

Simply enter the following command in the chat box with the robot (note that there are hyphens between fields, and the amount for the last item cannot be 0 or empty)

  • /report + Telegram Username-Scammer Nickname-Receiving Address-Deception Process-Amount Defrauded
  • /report @DH564Z-Culture Media-TVevoLKvXzWc7he4sXaEs9pYHLSAiVnwTC-Fraud by proxy investment, withdrew and disappeared after payment, even deleted the username. Exposing this address, I even checked it before making the payment, but still got scammed-500

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A Yao Crying for You

A Yao Crying for You


This website is a treasure trove for me! Living abroad, I often worry about encountering various scams. Through the Anti-Fraud Website, I can inquire about potential rental fraud or second-hand transaction risks, making me feel safer in a foreign country and helping me make wiser decisions.




As a businessman who often needs to deal with clients from different countries, I heavily rely on the supply and demand information service provided by this website. It not only helps me find reliable suppliers but also allows me to publish product information and expand my business scope. This platform is a crucial support for my business success.

Zhao Zilong

Zhao Zilong


I love free-and-easy travel, but I always worry about safety before traveling abroad. The global news updates on the Anti-Fraud Website allow me to keep abreast of the latest situation in my destination, which is very helpful for planning my itinerary.

Ah Xing

Ah Xing


After retirement, I like to surf the internet to learn about world news. The Southeast Asia Annual Survey results provided by the Anti-Fraud Website give me a deeper understanding of the international situation. Although I don't often post information, this website makes me feel connected to the world.

Ah Zheng

Ah Zheng


As an active user on social media, I particularly enjoy the interactivity of this website. I can share my anti-fraud experience and see other people's stories. This community spirit of mutual assistance brings warmth, and it also makes the online environment more positive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply activate the anti-fraud robot in Telegram, and then enter the corresponding command as needed, such as /user followed by the username, or /address followed by the specific address. The robot will provide you with relevant inquiry results.

You can inquire about a user's fraud records and the bad history of UDST addresses. In the future, more types of inquiry services may be added to meet the different needs of users.

It's very simple. Just use the /report command followed by the relevant details. Our robot will record your report and notify our team for processing.

No, it won't. The robot will only perform the function of safety guardianship in your group or channel, respecting the user's experience and not posting any form of advertising.

If you encounter any problems during use, you can contact our customer service team, and we will provide assistance and answers as soon as possible.